Something Old to Something New Clutch

Today, we share with you, another item from our ever growing “Something Old to Something New Clutch” vault. All of these clutches are custom made to the bride’s wishes, which, sometimes, is that we get the freedom to create it wherever inspiration takes us.


In this feature, the clutches you see were created using two different gowns provided by the bride. 

THE {COQUETTE}, for the bride, was created using these very elaborate scalloped collar pieces made of satin. To enliven the pieces, Angela cut the ribbon rose swirl design (also seen here) from our fabric and sewed it all over the provided satin. The clutch was then finished with an ivory satin ribbon and bow.



The {BANGLE} Wristlets, for the bridesmaids, was made of off-white fabric from the second dress was pieced and ruched to create lovely texture. Delicate lace adornments from the front of the gown served perfectly as detailing for the centerpiece of each clutch. 

◊◊ M.I.◊◊

for {AO3} Designs


For custom requests of any kind, please contact Angela via email


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