Bridesmaids Clutches : The Junior Bridesmaid in Navy

We love getting to create something for the smaller statured wedding participants along with their adult counterparts. This small handbag has been created for the junior bridesmaid, echoing the elements of the bridesmaids collection.

With the use of two different prints as well as including the silver sparkle ribbon, we have made a cohesive piece that can stand alone or with the group.


Implementing this into your collection is a great way to be practical and still tell your little lady that she is just one of the girls!

{I love the rounded corners and the two tone striped handle!}


The matching bridesmaids collection is shown above. A beautiful navy and white modern print collection wrapped up with a lovely silver ribbon.

{details on this collection seen here}



for {AO3} Designs

{for inquiries regarding junior bridesmaid clutches or any other item for your bridal party contact Angela at}


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