Something Old to Something New, for Two

We’ve been away, or so it seems. So many terrific wedding orders all fall have kept us busy and creating and unfortunately neglecting our blog! We figured this would be a fantastic way to come back, with another look at our Something Old to Something New line. This offering is so fun for us because we never know exactly what will become of it. It is problem-solving time, which is a joy because we love puzzles! And it is collaboration time, because we are taking the past, making a present, and giving it to the future.

A mother sent us a large cut of her wedding dress, asking if we could take the fabric and create two custom clutches, each with similar characteristics yet different, just like her daughters, who would be receiving the finished {ALEXIS} Clutches. We found some gorgeous beadwork  to adorn these clutches. The old and the new. We hope you love them as much as we do!

First Clutch.


Second Clutch


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