Beaded lace {KNOT} Clutch

A bride contacted me a few weeks ago loving the idea of our {Something Old to Something New} Clutch where we turn an old wedding dress, veil etc. into a clutch the bride can carry on her wedding day. The bride wanted to use a piece of beaded lace from her own wedding dress to intertwine into our {KNOT} Clutch design… And here it is, our {KNOT} Clutch adorned and wedding day ready.



Something bridal, something blue, something beautiful

A wedding is a wonderful occasion to express yourself by way of traditions. It seems sometimes that the days of old traditions are winding down and we are all trying to create our own new traditions. Though this may be true, wedding traditions have the ability to hold fast.

“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue.

Our bride chose to answer tradition in elegant style, with our {BAGUETTE} Clutch. Champagne ribbon rose swirl ruched  and embellished further with ivory ruffle and then centered with a luminous panel of storm silk. An absolutely gorgeous combination. I feel it speaks to both old and new, classic and modern. The bridesmaids clutches echo the bride’s first thoughts, though reversed. Storm silk wraps and lives on the front and sides and then is centered with our champagne ribbon rose swirl. Both takes are dramatic and timeless and tie all the women together as they proceed down the aisle, on that beautiful day.

Bridesmaids Clutches : The Junior Bridesmaid in Navy

We love getting to create something for the smaller statured wedding participants along with their adult counterparts. This small handbag has been created for the junior bridesmaid, echoing the elements of the bridesmaids collection.

With the use of two different prints as well as including the silver sparkle ribbon, we have made a cohesive piece that can stand alone or with the group.


Implementing this into your collection is a great way to be practical and still tell your little lady that she is just one of the girls!

{I love the rounded corners and the two tone striped handle!}


The matching bridesmaids collection is shown above. A beautiful navy and white modern print collection wrapped up with a lovely silver ribbon.

{details on this collection seen here}



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{for inquiries regarding junior bridesmaid clutches or any other item for your bridal party contact Angela at}

Custom Clutches: Joy

We regularly get requests for custom clutches. We love it. Especially when it comes to making something extra special for a bride for her big day!

For this order, we received a request to make a style of clutch that is not part of our usual line. A challenge, how exciting! The experience definitely broadened our talents as there was a bit of a learning curve. In the end, we were thrilled with the result.

To keep with the overall look of the wedding itself, our client sent us some beautiful antique gold metal beads to finish the look of  this lovely snow white silk clutch.


Above: Our own photo of the finished clutches for Joy.

Below: Joy was kind enough to send us a photo from the wedding day! Photo by Caitlin Stiefel Photography. (She does beautiful work in NY and seems to capture the human spirit in her photographs.


Our specialty is the Something Old to Something New Clutch, which we will make from your mother’s wedding dress, your grandmother’s veil or even your father’s handkerchief or pocket square. Whatever you’d like, we are here to help make your big day even more personal and special. Please contact us at if you’d like a custom clutch. We’ll make them for any occasion! More ideas here.



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Custom Clutches: Sarah

This past summer we made these custom {ALEXIS} clutches for Sarah, the bride. Instead of using them just for her bridesmaids at the wedding, she used them as a gift beforehand.

Tucked inside each clutch, was a note that we had scribed at Sarah’s request.


By way of announcing the big news, she asked each friend to be her bridesmaid.

We cut little cards and made handmade envelopes and carefully wrote each note, trying to channel

the excitement into every card.

It was lots of fun for us and we hope for them too!



M.I. for {AO3} Designs