{Something Old to Something New} Clutches {January 2016}

This past month I was honored with the opportunity to create gifts for three daughters made from their mother’s wedding dress.

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Something Old, Something New

Another lovely specimen for our Something Old to Something New clutch. Using the design of our {ALEXIS} Clutch, with its practical and timeless envelope style, we created three clutches for our bride and her party.

Our bride chose to utilize her mother’s veil and incorporate that into her own ceremony. Made of tulle and decorated with cotton daisies and a large silk flower, we began the process of extracting these pieces and creating new arrangements and completely new pieces. The large silk flower was disassembled and recreated into three smaller calla lilies. The daisies were split up and dispersed between the three clutches. The tulle was carefully cut into smaller pieces and meticulously wrapped into darling little roses. All then were arranged onto each {ALEXIS} Clutch. The bride chose our rich ivory silk to display these flowers upon. Lined with delicately weaved ivory and gold silk, the interior boasts an intricate design that evokes visions of glorious cathedral architectural lines or perhaps our imaginings of french royalty dress. Finished with ivory satin ribbon, wrapped around and tied into a pretty bow. Success. The outcome is enthralling, we are always so excited to go through this process over and over. So many different materials to transform, so many ideas to choose from in our creation of Something New.

Our {ALEXIS} Clutch is perfect for displaying the details. Once a beautiful veil worn atop a young bride’s crown, now gorgeous reminders of the past and present love are the focal point of this piece, held in the hand of the next generation.

Something Old to Something New, for Two

We’ve been away, or so it seems. So many terrific wedding orders all fall have kept us busy and creating and unfortunately neglecting our blog! We figured this would be a fantastic way to come back, with another look at our Something Old to Something New line. This offering is so fun for us because we never know exactly what will become of it. It is problem-solving time, which is a joy because we love puzzles! And it is collaboration time, because we are taking the past, making a present, and giving it to the future.

A mother sent us a large cut of her wedding dress, asking if we could take the fabric and create two custom clutches, each with similar characteristics yet different, just like her daughters, who would be receiving the finished {ALEXIS} Clutches. We found some gorgeous beadwork  to adorn these clutches. The old and the new. We hope you love them as much as we do!

First Clutch.


Second Clutch

Something Old to Something New Clutch

Today, we share with you, another item from our ever growing “Something Old to Something New Clutch” vault. All of these clutches are custom made to the bride’s wishes, which, sometimes, is that we get the freedom to create it wherever inspiration takes us.


In this feature, the clutches you see were created using two different gowns provided by the bride. 

THE {COQUETTE}, for the bride, was created using these very elaborate scalloped collar pieces made of satin. To enliven the pieces, Angela cut the ribbon rose swirl design (also seen here) from our fabric and sewed it all over the provided satin. The clutch was then finished with an ivory satin ribbon and bow.



The {BANGLE} Wristlets, for the bridesmaids, was made of off-white fabric from the second dress was pieced and ruched to create lovely texture. Delicate lace adornments from the front of the gown served perfectly as detailing for the centerpiece of each clutch. 

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Feather Bridal Clutch | {Something Old to Something New} French Clutches

The ultimate ’80s dress! Poofy sleeves. Sequence AND pearls. Ruffles, lace and FEATHERS! We love it when dresses like this come in to the shop for our {Something Old to Something New} custom wedding and bridal clutches. The mom we worked with on this project wanted us to make her two daughters each a {FRENCH} Clutch to carry on their future wedding dates.  To make the gift even more personal, she wrote a sweet little message to each girl which we had embroidered and stitched inside each clutch. 
xoxo a.o.
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1980's Wedding dress